Residential Services

Residential Services supports approximately 90 persons in a variety of residential settings in the community inclusive of Community Living Arrangements (group homes), Continuous Residential Supports, apartments, and in-home family supports.

Supports range from intermittent for those who live in apartments or with family to 24/7 extensive supports for those who live in group homes or continuous residential settings.

Located in established neighborhoods throughout Central Connecticut, CCARC’s eleven group homes stand out for being well-maintained, orderly, warm and comfortable dwellings where people with disabilities can share life together and be part of their local community.

CCARC provides support based upon the needs of the individual. Trained Residential Services Instructors work with residents to assist them in reaching their goals. Instructors offer support in all aspects of daily living and community and social interaction. These experiences enhance the development of residents not only as individuals but as members of society.

Community Companion Homes

CCARC is qualified through the Community Companion Home (CCH) program to recruit families who are willing to open their home and offer support to a person with an intellectual disability.  CCARC will assist in the licensing process and work together with the State of CT Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to find just the right match for each individual and family. We will also provide training for new applicants, as well as Nursing Supports.

If you would like more information about offering a warm, nurturing environment to a person who would benefit from living in a family home, please contact CCARC at 860-229-6665.