(Personal Enrichment and Education through Respite Services)

PEERS offers socialization for individuals with disabilities through community activities. Activities take place in the late afternoon and early evening and provide critical respite for family members and caregivers.  

Typically, the age group of participants is 21 to 60 years old. Activities are held on weekdays in the late afternoon or evening, and weekends throughout the year and include:  dining out, movies, shopping, arts and crafts, adaptive exercise classes and sports.

There is no fee to the individuals who participate in the service except for additional costs associated with certain activities. Depending on where the individual lives, there may be a minimal cost for door-to-door transportation, if available.

To join PEERS, a Registration Form must be completed and an interview takes place if the individual does not already receive services through CCARC. Please Contact CCARC for more information.