CCARC's 2016-2017 Annual Appeal

Through the generosity of family members, supporters, businesses and friends from the community, CCARC’s Annual Appeal raises much needed funds in support of our mission to people with disabilities.

Do you ever wonder if your charitable donations make a difference? At CCARC, we can truly say, "Yes, they really do!" And now more than ever! In the face of state budget cuts and other threats to CCARC's funding, we remain hopeful that you and other friends will continue to help extend vital, personalized care to persons living with intellectual and physical disabilities. It is important for each of the individuals we work with to know they are not forgotten and that their lives are meaningful.

This year’s letter shares the story of Damaris, who is a wonderful example of how people with an intellectual disability can flourish when provided with nurture, care and opportunities to grow. We hope you will be touched by how Damaris’ life has been dramatically changed by the support she has received from CCARC.

December 2016

Dear Friend:      

DEach time I have the pleasure of chatting with Damaris, I am amazed at how far she has come over the past two years. With her sweet smile and gentle voice, she is always eager to share positive comments about her experiences being supported by the staff at CCARC.  Damaris loves to dress nicely, participate in activities, and spend time in the community working and volunteering.

We first met Damaris after receiving a call for an emergency placement from the Department of Developmental Services. Our staff visited Damaris in the hospital and found a girl in her early 20s – uncommunicative and very sad after having been isolated and neglected for a period of time.

It took weeks and months of nurture and care on the part of both our residential and day services staff to help Damaris learn to trust again. We know she now feels safe at CCARC and is enjoying friendships and opportunities that are a treasured part of life for all of us.

Damaris’ situation is much different than most of the people served by CCARC whose families are loving and supportive. And yet, she is a beautiful example of the incredible resiliency of so many individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Day to day living can be challenging, especially when someone is also facing severe physical and medical complications, as do many of our individuals.  Despite the various difficulties that may come their way, they appreciate and embrace every occasion to celebrate the good things.

CCARC is privileged to provide personalized day and residential support for more than 175 people. We know each one of them very well. Most will spend their entire adult lives benefiting from our services.

Amidst the many opportunities each of us is presented with at this time of year to help others, we hope you will remember those with intellectual disabilities. CCARC must be their “voice.” Please join us in fulfilling our mission to “Make Dreams Happen” by giving generously to our Annual Appeal. We send warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and your family.


Anne L. Ruwet                                      
Chief Executive Officer     

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CCARC is essentially the family for some of the people we serve. In the spirit of the holiday season, please consider making a generous contribution to CCARC. When you give in honor or in memory of someone special we will send a beautiful personalized card to whomever you designate. Your gifts support nearly 200 people who count on CCARC. We hope you will respond to this important appeal. We thank you in advance for your kindness.