CCARC's 2017-2018 Annual Appeal

Through the generosity of family members, supporters, businesses and friends from the community, CCARC’s Annual Appeal raises much needed funds in support of our mission to people with disabilities.

Do you ever wonder if your charitable donations make a difference? At CCARC, we can truly say, "Yes, they really do!" We continue to rely upon the generosity of our friends in the community to help extend vital, personalized care to persons living with intellectual and physical disabilities. It is important for each of the individuals we work with to know they are not forgotten and that their lives are meaningful.

This year’s letter shares the story of the Carrier Family,

The Carriers have been closely connected with CCARC since the 1950s when their daughter Denise was diagnosed with a developmental disability. We trust you will be inspired by this loving family who have dedicated themselves to partnering with CCARC to provide lifelong services for Denise.

December 2017

Dear Friend:      


When their daughter Denise was born more than 60 years ago, Al and Julia Carrier rejoiced to welcome a little sister for their first child, Diane. Over time, the young parents noticed that Denise wasn’t experiencing the same developmental milestones, however their pediatrician encouraged them to be patient. By age three, their concerns had heightened and the doctor admitted that yes, Denise did have a developmental disability, something he had suspected for some time. When asked what kind of treatment there might be for her condition, he replied, “Just love her.” That is exactly what the Carriers have done for decades.


Loving a child with a disability requires being willing to advocate for him or her to receive an education and be part of the community. Back then, many parents were advised to place their child in an institution and move on with their lives. For the Carriers, Denise was their life, moving on was not an option.  Instead they sought help and found it in a grassroots agency formed by local parents of children with similar disabilities. These moms and dads started their own day care, filed to become a 501 [c] (3) and pushed for public school education to become acceptable for all children. That organization came to be known as CCARC.


In the meantime, the Carriers also had two sons, William and Michael. Influenced by living with a sibling for whom life was different and often challenging, the Carrier kids pursued careers where they could make a difference in the world. Diane became a neonatal nurse and William teaches music to students with varying disabilities at Perkins School outside of Boston. Michael is a well-respected New Britain attorney who has served on the CCARC Board of Directors for many years. Each have families of their own, yet remain close to their parents, Denise and one another.


Now in their 90’s, Al and Julia look back on a life overflowing with blessings. Denise eventually attended public school and has participated in CCARC’s Day Services for more than 45 years. When her Dad was diagnosed with cancer in his early 70s, Denise moved into one of CCARC’s group homes in New Britain. Since that time, the Carriers continue to visit every afternoon and bring her home with them on Saturdays. They have peace knowing that Denise is happy and well-cared for.


“CCARC has been a lifesaver for us. It is a real struggle for families,” says Al.

“We cannot ask for better.”


Many of the people CCARC supports require care and attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some can barely communicate or address the most basic of needs, including feeding themselves. And yet, they want and need to be with people who love and value them for the unique individual they are. For those who have little or no family contact, our CCARC staff are the source of everything good and pleasing in their lives, including helping to make their dreams happen.


The support of the community has meant everything to CCARC and the people we are privileged to serve. Your encouragement, donations, provision of job opportunities and willingness to include individuals with disabilities in everyday life allows us to be a vibrant, effective provider of services.


Please help CCARC commemorate our 65th Year with a generous donation. Even though we are 65—we have no plans to retire and we need your help to keep going strong! Due to the state budget we have not benefited from adequate state funding to cover the cost of our services for nearly 12 years.


On behalf of our Board, our staff, each of the nearly 200 individuals with intellectual disabilities we support and their families—thank you for caring enough to send a gift to CCARC. It means so much.

We are grateful for your kindness and send warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season!


Anne L. Ruwet                                      
Chief Executive Officer     

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CCARC is essentially the family for some of the people we serve. In the spirit of the holiday season, please consider making a generous contribution to CCARC. When you give in honor or in memory of someone special we will send a beautiful personalized card to whomever you designate. Your gifts support nearly 200 people who count on CCARC. We hope you will respond to this important appeal. We thank you in advance for your kindness.